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 “Master Transactions using AVEX” 


This month we share knowledge through webinars.

The most popular topic was ” Master Transactions using AVEX

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Our technology AVEX 

You can access tutorial videos that take you through the navigation of some of the main tools by accessing the Systems / Platforms section inside the online university and clicking on the AVEX 2.0 bucket.

AVEX 2.0 Tutorials


Inception to Agentpreneur Program

All new Avanti Way Agents are required to take this guided Course that takes an agent on a step by step guided journey to prepare and structure its business for success.

This breakthrough learning experience serves as a complete roadmap which takes agents through a comprehensive process to help them set up their entire business with the right foundation to accelerate its growth. It consists:

Preparation and Marketing Strategy

The program has an “online” and an “in person” component so agents can set up their business at their own pace following the online sequence and assignments but also attending workshop sessions designed to provide agents a space to execute the tasks and action steps within the program.

Program Details  Program Outline Part I Access  Part II Access  

Welcome Message:

Marketing Acceleration Track

 What will you learn in the course?

The course includes 4 Sessions:

1. Marketing Strategy & Offer (Wednesday, May 1st)
2. Social Media Content (Monday, May 6th)
3. Facebook & Instagram Ads (Wednesday, May 8th)
4. Email Marketing & Automation (Monday, May 13th)

As agents enter the Marketing Acceleration Track, Agents will get:

– Learn how to create a successful Marketing Strategy
– 30 days of content to post in your social media
– How to create a Facebook & Instagram Ads
– How to post listings in Facebook Marketplace
– How to do follow up to your database through email marketing using Mail-chimp
– How to create an email automation in Mail-chimp platform
– Understand the analytics


Registration Details:

What do I need to take this course?

You will need:

* Database in Excel with Emails
* Basic Knowledge about Mail-chimp, Facebook & Instagram
* In order to receive a Marketing Course Certificate you must assist & execute the plan of each session.
* Professional Picture
* Bring your laptop
* Complete Registration Form





Connecting with Avanti Way Culture’s Checklist

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  • Follow Steps on Orientation Checklist
  • Attend the Preparation Workshops
  • Build your Database
  • Take the Marketing Acceleration Track
  • Find Tutorials that Fit Your Needs
  • Stay Current with the Live The Month
  • Participate at Live Trainings



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