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Orientation by Andres Korda (Part 1):

Orientation by Enrique Teran (Part 2):

Program Description:

Welcome to Avanti Way once again. An essential part of any Avanti Way is to take the INCEPTION TO AGENTPRENEUR PROGRAM:

Guided Online Program: You receive emails for 6 weeks taking you step by step through the “Part I: Preparation” system and reminding you of the action steps and assignments at every stage.

Live Workshops: You are required to attend a series of Workshops hosted every month at one of our office locations, where you will be reinforced the concepts learned for specific key parts of the agent business and have an opportunity to execute the work required and take action together with a group of other fellow Agentpreneurs. Agents can complete all the Workshops needed to receive a graduation certificate and the 45 post licensing requirement within a 2 week period.

If you have any questions, are ready to schedule your meeting with your branch leader or need any guidance please email to Ariel Velasco at avelasco@avantiway.com

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Program Introduction:

Introduccion del Programa:

Taking the Program

This Program could be completed ONLINE or  LIVE WORKSHOPS Sessions. Check the calendar in the AVEX Home page.

The INCEPTION TO AGENTPRENEUR PROGRAM – is a 2 weeks program divided into 5 sessions. Each week you will receive 2 emails, one per session including the session description, the links to access the video lessons required for the session, and the list of assignments to be completed. You must watch the videos in the section, download the supporting materials, fill out the worksheets, and complete your action tasks within a 3 day window period.

Once finished, agents must have completed the required Live Workshops or Online Quizzes in order to receive the Certificate. Request your certificate or check your progress writing an email to Ariel Velasco avelasco@avantiway.com

Is Recommended continuing learning through the different channels that we offer like webinars, live streaming sessions, live training recorded were you will receive content value to accelerate the growing of your business.

The Workshops are a key component of this Program and a MUST for all agents to attend in order to execute on the PREPARATION and PROMOTION activities needed to build a strong business. Agents need to RSVP for the workshops, which can be completed within a full calendar month.

Only those that commit to the program, follow the lessons step by step, use the worksheets, and work on the activities are poised to get the desired results.

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Inception to Agentpreneur:

Iniciación del Agentpreneur:

Live Workshop Sessions

The workshops are a series of Live “at the office” sessions for agents to attend and be able to work right there and then on the critical tasks of building a business according to the learning from the different sessions of the program.


  • Marketing Options & Database using AVEX
  • Becoming a Market Expert using AVEX
  • Finding the Right Properties for Clients with AVEX
  • Working with Renters using AVEX
  • Working with Buyers using AVEX
  • Working with Sellers & Listings  using AVEX
  • Dealing with Investment Property using AVEX
  • Managing & Closing Deals  using AVEX


  • AVEX Essentials
  • Skills Development
  • Affiliate Business Enhancers


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Hunting using Facebook Ads
  • Sales Conversations for Conversion


  • COI, Buyer or Seller Prospecting War Room
  • Marketing War Room
  • Networking War Room
  • Conversion War Room


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Attending the Workshops:

Sesiones de Ejecución:

To receive the graduation certificate Agents must complete:

Graduation Requirements

 Complete Orientation

 Complete Live INCEPTION Workshops


 Pass all Quizzes (Inception to Agentpreneur Online Program)

Start Part 2 Program   War Room Application 

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