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What courses are recommended for a starting agents?

It is very important to attend the orientation and our staff will guide you as to what courses to take when. Newly licensed agents, however, should take the Inception to Agentpreneur Program and complete the entire training. They should also watch the AVEX essentials as a must in order to be up to date with the AVEX platform tools. Finally, the Real Estate How To Category of courses is very useful to learn the basics for handling buyers, sellers, renters, or investors.

What do agents need to do when they have questions on the material?

Our staff if always available to answer questions and provide support for agents. Please call our VIP Agent Support department at 786-666-0654 or email them at and we will be very happy to address any questions. We encourage agents to constantly participate in our live trainings, workshops, webinars, and events as questions are also tackled in those sessions. You can see our training and event schedule by clicking HERE

What should be done if the screen not showing up or the video is not playing correctly?

Any problems with the platform please try first to close all your browser windows and then start again. If the problem persists please contact our IT Department at extension 915 or via email at

Can I print out the material or copy the videos to watch later or provide to fellow agents?

The materials in this learning center is copyrighted by Avanti Way or its training affiliates please make sure not to copy any materials nor release it to anyone outside the company to be in compliance with the non disclosures signed at on boarding. If you need any of the material printed or copied for a specific purpose please contact our staff for assistance.

Can an agent add content to the university?

Yes. Agents can use the Comments to add any value or ideas to any post on the Advice section or Course. There is also a function for agents to create their own Courses and Lessons and submit them for review to top management. If selected, the Course can be added to the learning community. Ask our staff about becoming an Expert and add a Course.

Can the online trainings be viewed in a mobile device?

Absolutely! the platform is compatible with all mobile devices and when opened through an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other device it will open up in mobile version.

Do all live sessions get uploaded into the online university platform?

Not all live training sessions get uploaded but most of them do become part of the online university one way or another as we try to incorporate all main elements to the on demand learning system. Whenever live sessions have new content our staff edits the material and includes an updated version within a month. If anyone would like a specific session to be included please feel free to contact our staff and let us know.

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